Magic Henry’s Music Notes

Musical Terms For Reading Music On Piano

Have fun jamming along to the band and discovering the basics.

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

Time Signature

The top figure on both staves indicates the number of beats per bar.

4 quarter beats per bar

The lower number on both staves tells you the type of beats in each bar.


Play the dotted note slightly shorter in duration.

Play the note with an accent.

Play the dotted note slightly shorter in duration and with an accent.

Crescendo                                                       Decresendo

Crescendo = gradually get louder                                                                                           Derescendo = gradually get softer


A Tie is a curved line that joins two notes together of the same pitch, the note is held for the time duration of all the notes combined.


Play notes an octave lower than written on the stave.

Play notes an octave higher than written on the stave.


Glissando / means make a smooth chromatic connection from the first note to the next.


Repeat the previous bar.

Repeat the previous 2 bars.

Repeat the previous bars by the number indicated above the sign. (four bold slashes with a dot either side)