Help with the Jammin Player

Can I create my own library?

With a premium or basic account you can save the tracks you have been working on into your own library. You can easily access your favourites at any time.

How do you process payments for Jammin Subscriptions?

We use PayPal for your comfort and your security. If you don’t have PayPal account, you can simply pay by card as a PayPal guest.

What is the best browser for Jammin Player?

AUDIO is the best engine to control the sound and the speed at the moment. Use Chrome with desktop, laptop and tablet. The mobile App will come later, we are working on it.

Can I record myself and play it through the Jammin Player?

All the tracks on the Jammin Player are fully mastered in a high end recording studio. Being able to record yourself playing and using that recording within the Jammin Player is something we are looking at as part of a future release. Stay tuned!

Is there an App for the Jammin Player?

There is an App in development for the Jammin Player. We are very excited with what is being planned for Jammin in the future. There are going to be some very incredible features. So get practicing with the online player, and as soon as the App is ready we will make it available to all our users.

Is is complicated to cancel my Jammin subscription?

You can easily cancel your Jammin Player subscription at any time with no obligation to future payments.

Will the Jammin Player feature popular songs?

The Jammin Player is dedicated to helping musicians truly master their instruments. We have created wonderful tracks that are designed to teach you at your own pace and to build up your experience. Popular songs are being planned for future releases.

Is The Jammin Player available in my language?

The Jammin Player is used by musicians around the world and we will be developing it in many languages. Fortunately for all of us, music is the universal language so there is no reason you can’t get started today.

How to learn music at home?

The Jammin Player is an online tool for learning and practicing music. It is designed to be used at home so you can practice at your own pace, but have the complete experience of playing with a band.

What is the best way to learn guitar online?

There are a lot of great tools online for learning how to play guitar and working out which is best for you is ultimately up to you. What the Jammin Player offers, that is unique, is an excellent tool to practice music that you can customise to your own pace. It is especially popular with guitarists and any professional musician will tell you – practice makes perfect.